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Nisei Week 2008
August 16-24  Los Angeles, CA
Nisei Week is the longest running ethnic festival in the U.S.  This was its 68th year.  I've been coming to
this festival since 2002.  That year, Anime Jungle had a cosplay and karaoke contest and that was
enough to get me to attend the event.  Anime and cosplay events have been a part of Nisei Week ever
since then.  Although the organization that puts the Anime Festival together has changed several times,
these days, it's somewhat stable.  The Anime Festival has grown to a decent size and as a result, I
spend a lot of time in Little Tokyo for Nisei Week.  For the past few years, I've come for both weekend of
Nisei Week.

Despite my decision not to retire from cosplay photography, I still want to continue to cover cultural
events and those are still going to be a major part of this website.  I really enjoy cultural festivals and
would like to do whatever I can to promote them.  It's surprising to me at how many people look at my
non-cosplay related photos.  Since Nisei Week is one of the biggest cultural festivals in the Los Angeles
area, it's an event that I can't miss and it's an event that I'm very fond of because there's so much that
goes on here that I'm interested in.  I think it deserves to be covered as a cultural event and not just as
a cosplay or anime event.  That's just a small portion of what Nisei Week is.

Please enjoy this year's Nisei Week coverage, which includes photos from the three days that I attended
Nisei Week.