Nisei Week 2009
August 8-23  Los Angeles, CA
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Nisei Week is one of the larger cultural festivals in Southern California.  This was the 69th year of this
festival.  I've been coming to this festival for many years.  The first time was in 2001, back when Anime
Jungle hosted a cosplay contest.  Even though it was my interest in cosplay photography that initially
brought me out to this festival, I've learned to appreciate all of the other wonderful events that this
festival has to offer.  It would be right to cover only 1 or 2 events of this festival.  In order to give people
a feel for what actually goes on here, I wanted to cover multiple events.  It's been a very long time since
I've gone to Little Tokyo for only one day of Nisei Week.  It's very common for me to spend 2 or three
days here.  This was the first year that I've been to 4 days of Nisei Week.  Some events were downsized
and consolidated.  There were also some brand new events.  Some events got shuffled around so that
they were on different days than in the past.  In the end, the schedule worked out so that there was
something that I wanted to see on each of the four days that I was there.  This might be the biggest
Nisei Week report that I've ever done.  Please enjoy this year's coverage.