Nisei Week 2010
August 14-22  Los Angeles, CA
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Nisei Week is one of my favorite cultural events of the year.  Last year, I attended four days of this nine day event.  That was the
first time that I had done that.  While I saw a lot of very entertaining and wonderful events, I decided that it was fun to do that
once and this year, I would do a lot less.  There was also no Anime Festival this year so this year, I only attended both Sundays
of Nisei Week.  Therefore, I have a lot less coverage this year.  For the days that I went, I spent a lot more time enjoying the
events and taking less photos.  I wanted to take in as much as I could without feeling to need to photograph absolutely
everything.  I still managed to see a few things that I've never seen in all of the years that I've been to Nisei Week.  I saw the
Tanabata Festival and Grand Parade on the first Sunday and I visited the Taiko Festival and participated in the ondo at the
closing ceremony.  I finally got to see what exactly goes on in the JACCC during Nisei Week.  I enjoyed plenty of good food and
fun times with friends.  It seems that there was a lot less to see this year.  The JSN Summer Matsuri was notably absent.  
However, there is still a lot to see and do and it's still one of the most fun festivals that I attend every year.