Nisei Week 2011
August 13-21  Los Angeles, CA
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According to my records, this was the tenth year in a row that I have been to Nisei Week.  I hadn't realized that I have been
going to this event for that long.  This was the 71st year for Nisei Week and I've been to 10 of them?  It's even hard for me to
believe.  Back when I started, I came here to see a cosplay contest.  I still do come to Nisei Week to see cosplay contests, but
over the years I've discovered that there are so many other incredible things to see during Nisei Week's annual 9-day run.  I still
love watching the parade, but the Nebuta Festival was a bit of a dud this year.  I love the taiko gathering and the gyoza eating
contest and I love dancing in the street during the closing ceremony.  The Tanabata Festival is also a nice event that was
added a few years ago.  It's nice to see Little Tokyo so vibrant and full of life.  There were years when Little Tokyo felt like a
lonely and empty place, but it's nice to see it making a bit of a comeback.  I see less vacant store fronts and even the nightlife
has come back.  Nisei Week is the largest cultural event that I go to each year and I made it to 3 days of the festival.  I even
went dressed in a yukata for two days of the festival.  I don't mind going out of my comfort zone once in awhile.  For me, this was
one of the more fun Nisei Weeks that I've been to.  Yes, it feels like it has gotten smaller, but I had so many great experiences.  I
saw some awesome things and had fun participating in activities.  I'm sure I will keep returning to Nisei Week for many years to

Nergene Arquelada