Otaku Rehab
January 30, 2010  Newbury Park, CA
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After MikomiCon 2009, the organizers of that convention decided to change things up by becoming two seperate
events.  The name of the main convention was changed to MikomiCore and is still scheduled for November of this year.  
A smaller event called Otaku Rehab was scheduled for May in a community park in Ventura County.  Otaku Rehab
would also a two "pre-events", which would basically be picnics in the park that would serve as the location for the main
Otaku Rehab event.  This was the first of those pre-events.  There hasn't been too many organized anime or cosplay
events in Ventura County.  MikomiCon has been one of my favorite local conventions over the past few years so I was
curious about this new event.  MikomiCon has been the smallest of all the conventions that I regularly attend and it
would be interesting to see what the turnout would be for such an event.  By the end of the day, about 30-40 people
had made their way to this first pre-event.  For what it was, that could be considered a success.  Honestly, I didn't expect
that many people to go out all the way to Ventura County for a picnic.  It was a pleasant surprise and hopefully, a good
sign for upcoming Otaku Rehab events and MikomiCore.  I would definitely love to see both events do well this year.  
Everybody knows that I love Cal State Northridge as a convention location because the possibilities for photos are
endless.  For Otaku Rehab, the park is a bit on the small side, but it has a building that can be rented out and that's why
this park was chosen.  Otaku Rehab plans to use this building for the main event in May.  I found a few spots that I liked.
 I don't know if I'll be using them to death for the next Otaku Rehab events, but hopefully, I can find more ways to use
this park.  This first pre-event was a fun way to spend a January day.  I tend to like these small, slower-paced events
more than larger and busier events.  MikomiCon may be onto something here.  Time will tell and it will be an interesting
year for this organization.

Nergene Arquelada