There were big changes to this convention since its first edition back in May 2004.  The Concert
Series expanded to 10 acts, spanning a wide variety of musical styles.  Martial Arts had a big
presence this year.  Video rooms were limited to one anime room and one cinema room.  A
comedian was a Guest of Honor.  The high-stakes CosFest attracted enough entries to fill its
entire three-hour time slot.

However, with no big music guest and no major anime events on its program, attendance was
down from the previous year.  Undoubtedly contributing to the decline in attendance was the high
costs of fuel and travel, which affected conventions around the country.  At night, most of the
local attendees went home for the night and the convention felt really empty, unlike other
conventions where people are out and about at all hours.

Despite all of the things that this convention was missing, I really enjoyed this year's PMX.  With
the programming changes, it became closer to becoming an Asian entertainment and pop culture
convention, which is its goal.  I spent most of my time in the concert hall and listened to every
performer and each one was much better than the indie bands from the first PMX.  The comedy
show was a welcome and entertaining break from conventional programming.  CosFest was
amazing and was the best contest that I've seen this year.  The skill level of the participants was
very high.

PMX is still a work in progress.  There will be more changes for next year as it tries to find the right
mix of events.  Whenever I put up a report for a convention, it always serves as advertising, no
matter what I have to say about it.  I will be at PMX next year to support Asian entertainment
because it's a cause that I believe in.  It's the least that I can do.

Nergene Arquelada
"Super No. 1"