Other Stuff
In between shows, I liked to wander around and explore other areas of the convention.  I didn't
know what else to do with these photos except to include them in a miscellaneous section of
random photos, just like I did last year.  There's simply a lot of interesting things at this convention.

Let's start with a trip through the exhibit hall, where you can buy anime goods, eclectic clothing
and accesories, load up on CDs and DVDs, get some refreshing boba, learn origami, try out airsoft
guns, or watch exciting wrestling matches.
I popped into the karaoke room occasionally.  On this particular visit,
English-language karaoke was going on.  A karaoke session just isn't
complete without a rendition of Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the
Heart" or Madonna's "Like a Virgin".
This is the open autograph session and a very creative use of chairs.