For me, this year's PMX was better that I thought it would be.  I really like this convention and support
the idea of an all-encompassing Asian pop culture convention and I want to see this convention grow
and be successful.  It was a lot less stressful for me this year.  Last year's convention was only two days
and I was really busy running around covering panels, concerts and exclusive interviews with many of
the guests.  This year, the convention was extended to three days and I didn't have to do any interviews
and my coverage mostly consisted of concerts and panels.  I had more time to talk with the attendees
and had a little more time to shoot some cosplay, even though I didn't really take a lot of cosplay photos.
 One thing I'm hoping for is that for this convention to move out of this poorly lit hotel and to a location
with some nice outdoor areas to shoot cosplay.  For the first time, I didn't cover Cosfest at this
convention.  Cosfest was not in the main events room this year and after covering several panels in the
dimly lit LP rooms, I knew that attempting to photograph Cosfest was going to be too much trouble.

Music was a mixed bag.  Going into this convention, I wondered if the music program would be
successful without a recognizable headliner such as OLIVIA or TMR, who performed at past PMXs.  
While I personally enjoyed the music, I'm not sure as to whether or not this year's program was
successful.  The concerts drew fairly good crowds, I really don't know how many people paid for tickets
or how many people just wandered in for free because they were curious.

The big surprises for this year looked to be the hip-hop dance events and the appearance of James
Kyson Lee.  There was a pretty sizable crowd for the hip-hop dance exhibition on Saturday and
Sunday's workshop.  James Kyson Lee was a late addition to the program and turned out to be one of
the most popular guests in PMX history.  There were few empty seats at his panel.

As for the disappointing aspects for this convention besides Cosfest, there were the EGL guests and
once again, the lack of CD vendors in the exhibit hall.  The EGL guests weren't exactly too fan friendly.  
Photos were prohibited at all of their events and if you wanted to photograph those events, you had to
sign some legal forms.  For a convention that features a lot of musical acts, it's strange not to have a
vendor selling J-pop/J-rock CDs.  The only CDs for sale here are from the performers and guests and
anime CDs.

This year's PMX saw a lot of improvement, particularly in the anime guests and "miscellaneous" events.  
Attendance was good.  Saturday was very crowded.  This convention is showing positive growth.  I hope
these growth trends continue.

See you next year,
Nergene Arquelada