I've been taking photos of cosplayers for many years.  However, Pacific Media Expo is a convention
where I really don't have a lot of time to do it.  I'm usually covering a guest panel, interview, or concert.  
It's always been something that I've have had to do on my free time at this convention.  When people
visit my website to look at cosplay photos, they expect to see a certain style of photograph.  At this
particular location, it's fairly difficult to do since there is so little space.  Most cosplay photographs must
be taken indoors where the lighting is absolutely dreadful.  This isn't exactly one of my favorite places to
take photos.  Regardless, I've tried to stay true to the style that people expect even though it is very
difficult here, but once I figured out the quirks here, it was possible to take some decent photos.  I still
consider myself an old skool hall cosplay shooter.  I like very simple photos.