Pacific Media Expo 2008
November 7-9  Los Angeles, CA
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This was my 5th visit to Pacific Media Expo, so I've been attending this convention since it began in
2004.  I've always loved the concept of what this convention is about.  Rather than just being a standard
anime convention, this event bills itself as an Asian Pop Culture show.  Anime has always been a part of
this convention, but this year, anime guests consisted of a single US voice actor.  Cosplay is still popular
here, as it is at most conventions.  However, at PMX, you will see more music and EGL cosplay since this
convention has it's share of music and EGL themed events.

The concert series has always been one of the main draws for PMX.  This year's program consisted of
six bands.  Headlining this year's convention were the rock band Suicide Ali and vocalist Kaya.  Also
performing were local acts Heday, Nylon Pink, VAEIDOS, and Vamp Star.  While none of these acts
would be considered as huge as some the musical guests that other conventions get, they seem to have
enough of a following to fill the convention's small concert venue to capacity.

This convention is also still trying new things.  New for this year was a Pocky tasting room and a maid
cafe.  Returning for this year was the Asian Food Challenge, in which contestants sampled various
specialty foods from Asia, as well as the B-Boy Showcase featuring dance groups Sick Step and Kaba
Modern.  To add to the Asian pop culture aspect to the convention, the screening rooms not only
showed anime, but also Korean dramas and Asian cinema.  Also, you get the usual fan panels, karaoke,
and video games.  With all of these elements, Pacific Media Expo is a one of a kind experience.