Pacific Media Expo 2009
November 6-8, Los Angeles, CA
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This was the sixth year for the Asian pop culture convention.  I've been this convention every year that it
has been held.  Once again, we we're back at the LAX Hilton.  There's always a few things here that
aren't found at typical anime conventions.  Three days of concerts are always a big draw for this
convention.  This year's music headliner was the Japanese rock band UchuSentai NOIZ, who also
performed at this convention in 2006.  Fashion has also been a major component of this convention and
this year had guests from three Japanese clothing lines and for the first time, there was a runway
fashion show featuring clothing designed by the fashion guests of honor.  There is a snack room where
you can purchase yakisoba, onigiri, sushi, Pocky, and Japanese drinks.  The sake tasting room was also
very popular.  A Kogi BBQ catering truck also made an appearance at Pacific Media Expo this year.  
This year, the convention also hosted a major Philippine martial arts tournament.  Of course, there are
things here that you can find at anime conventions.  Voice actor Shinichi "Nabeshin" Watanabe was a
guest of honor this year.  There's panels, karaoke, video gaming, video rooms, and a dealers room for
those looking for more common, yet still fun things to do.  There's also the Cosfest cosplay competition
in which entrants vie for cash prizes.  Beacause of it's unique programming, Pacific Media Expo has
always been one of my favorite conventions to visit each year.