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Pacific Media Expo 2010
November 12-14  Pasadena, CA
The seventh edition of Pacific Media Expo found the convention moving from its LAX Hilton location where it had been for the
past four years to the Pasadena Hilton.  This was the convention's fourth different location and definitely its smallest.  I've been
to every Pacific Media Expo since it began.  I've seen up years and down years.  There were several new things that were tried
at this years convention.  For the first time, there was no band from Asia making an appearance.  This year's music program
was scaled down to one concert featuring local bands.  Also for the first time, there were a Korean Guests of Honor.  Actor Jang
Dong-gun and director Sngmoo Lee appeared at Pacific Media Expo to promote the movie
The Warrior's Way.  Also, the Nom
Nom Truck became the first food truck to be a Guest of Honor at this convention.  Of course, some of the other popular events
returned to the convention such as CosFest, fashion show, martial arts tournament, Asian Food Challenge and an expansion of
the food truck program.  Even without a major musical guest, there were some things to look forward to at this year's convention.
 The question was would it be a formula for success?