This was my eighth Pacific Media Expo.  I've been to every one of them.  I've been there though good years and bad years.  
This was one of the better years for this convention.  That's just my opinion and it really depends on what you like to see at
conventions.  It has always been advertised as an Asian pop culture convention, but in the early years, it was just mainly music
and anime related stuff.  Some of the other aspects of Asian pop culture that have been brought in have been hit or miss, but
finally there is a lot here that is finally beginning to work.  The fashion program has become very popular, as well as the food
truck program.  Seriously, as long as the convention stays at this location, whenever we have a food alternative to Carl's Jr. and
Denny's, people will appreciate that.  For the first time, Broadway musicals were represented with the presentation on
Allegiance.  When you can get a Asian entertainment star as big as George Takei at your convention, that's definitely a plus.  
As far as anime and manga, I wasn't able to cover too much of that, but the move to get more English language voice actors is
smart.  Cosplay is still strong and CosFest gets some amazing entries.  The music program was fairly strong this year with D.  
There were a lot of fans who travelled a great distance to see the band.  A convention will grow if you can get a lot of non-local
attendees.  There's a lot of things on the program that I would have liked to have seen in person, but there's only so much that
one person can do.

Pacific Media Expo is a tough event for me.  After Fanime, I really have no conventions until PMX, so sometimes it's difficult to
get back in the groove.  I basically have to throw myself into the fire once the convention starts.  It's physically exhausting to
cover a ton of events during the day and then go home to put out a daily report for press purposes.  I'm not getting any younger
so each year, it gets a little more difficult.  By the end of the con, I feel like I want to sleep for a week.  However, there is a job to
do and it's something that I enjoy.  I genuinely am interested in a lot of the events at this convention.  I am an Asian pop culture
fanatic and that's why I love covering this convention.  I hope to continue coming to PMX for many years to come.

See you next year,
Nergene Arquelada