Pacific Media Expo 2011
November 11-13  Los Angeles, CA
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Pacific Media Expo, along with FanimeCon, is what I call a "press convention".  It's one of those cons where I have a press
badge.  Although I can probably get one for most conventions that I go to, I only get one for two conventions each year.  Unlike
Fanime, where my press duties are mainly to cover Musicfest, I cover many things at PMX in addition to the music program.  
There are a lot of items and events on the program that are entertainment related and some of these are very rare
opportunities to cover something unique.  I rarely have time to do any cosplay shooting other than CosFest.  I spend most of the
time going from one event or panel to another.  It's a lot of hard work, but I've always felt that when you have a press badge,
you should earn it.

This year's PMX included many more interesting panels and events than in past years, including panels on Asian American films
and Broadway musicals.  Along with anime, music, fashion, and martial arts, this kept me very busy during this three-day
convention.  It's the last convention of the year, and it has always been the most challenging.