I certainly had a great time at Pacific Media Expo.  I found it to be the most relaxing convention that
I've ever been to.  It's such a change from Anime Expo.  It was nice not to have some sense of
urgency and just enjoy the convention as a fan.  I can socialize and get to know people.  I could put
away the camera equipment early and enjoy a lot of the evening events.  It felt nice to walk around
a convention and not carry anything.

I knew that I wanted to set up some webpages with my photos for this convention, but I didn't feel
the need to take so many, like I usually do.  If I wanted to go have lunch, I went.  If I wanted to go to
a daytime concert or panel or screening, I went to it.  At larger conventions, I always feel like I'm
going to miss a good photo if I take a timeout.  At PMX, I really didn't stress about it because it was
so laid back.  It was nice to have a lot of down time to socialize and have some time to enjoy the

What attracted me to PMX was the diverse programming.  Friday night's concert was truly
impressive.  I really regret not going to a Psycho Le Cemu show.  I opted instead for the Tofu
Records party on Saturday and the Masquerade contest on Sunday.  As a fan of Asian pop music, I
can recognize that it's rare to be able to see this level of musical talent in the same place at once.  It
seemed that most people attended PMX to see and meet these artists because the opportunity to
do so is very rare.

There weren't too many lines to wait in--registration and autograph sessions were really the only
lines that I encountered.  The Masquerade wasn't even a full house.  It's usually one of the most
popular events at conventions of this type.  This was my first small convention and I really enjoyed it.

Will I attend next year?  It moves to Labor Day weekend next year.  If this convention can continue
to get at least the same level of musical talent, I would gladly attend this convention.  This is really a
strange convention if you think about it--Asian pop, anime, wrestling, tuner cars, Asian cinema.  It
has a strange mix of events, but if you stay open-minded, you can have a lot of fun.