Super No. 1 @ Pacific Media Expo
May 29-31, 2004
Anaheim, CA
This was the first year for Pacific Media Expo, a convention created to promote the Pacific
Rim's entertainment and media industries.  The expo kicked off with a concert in the Anaheim
Arena with performances by Japanese pop music artists Nami Tamaki and TM Revolution,
both of whom were the music Guest of Honor for PMX.  Other Guests of Honor included
Yasuhiro Nightow, Takahiro Yoshimatsu, Daisuke Moriyama, and Shino Masanori--all are from
the anime or manga industry.

In addition to TM Revolution and Nami Tamaki, the convention also included concerts by the
Japanese band Psycho Le Cemu and American groups O-Dai and Secret Secret.  There were
also screening rooms showing various anime and Asian cinema titles.  Througout the weekend
there were also various industry and fan panels, autograph sessions, and contests.

I first attended Anime Expo in 1995, and since then, my interests have branched out to include
Asian pop music and drama.  However, my interest in anime has decreased significantly.  
Pacific Media Expo seemed like a perfect fit for me.  Until now, Anime Expo was the only
convention that I would go to regularly and it was a new experience for me to attend a much
smaller convention.
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