Randomness @ PMX
One of the things I loved about PMX was that it was so laid-back and I had time to relax
and simply enjoy being at a convention.  At Anime Expo, I'm usually rushing around and
rarely have time for myself.  At PMX, I could eat a leisurely meal and socialize a bit more.  
People were so friendly and I could just cut loose and have fun.  These are just some
random photos that I took.
I had a lot of time to just sit in the area between the Hilton and convention center.  
One of the groundskeepers pointed this guy out to me.  I think he had the best view
of everything, but be careful if you decide to hold a cosplay gathering underneath his
I stopped in the karaoke room a few times.  Music was a big attraction at PMX, so
when there weren't any concerts going on, why not listen to other people sing?  I'd
give it a shot, but they don't allow any songs over 8 minutes.  I don't know any songs
under 8 minutes.  Yeah, right.
This person is a moderator on the Anime Expo ezboard.  It's early in the afternoon,
but she looks like she's about to go to a nightclub or something like that.
This wacky PMX staffer worked at the merchandise booth and is wearing a girl's
shirt for some reason.  He tried to get me to buy one.  I just bought one of the black
ones and afterwards, he gave me some candy.
I take a lot of pictures of cosplayers.  Because PMX was a much smaller convention
than what I am used to, I was able to get silly and be more creative and just have
fun.  I think I scared this cosplayer.

This was a totally goofy idea that I got.  There were a few photographers at PMX who put together really large photo
galleries.  It was natural for us to just hang out with each other at times.  None of us are press guys, but that
doesn't keep us from working hard and doing our best.  Please visit their sites and show them your appreciation.  
Besides, I think I was the laziest out of all of us.  No, I won't be attempting this at AX.