Sakura Watch 2010
March 13-27  Encino, CA
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Sakura Watch is somewhat of an annual cosplay tradition in the Los Angeles area.  For the past few years, it has been an
informal event when cosplayers and cosplay photographers come out to Lake Balboa to take photos when the cherry blossoms
are out.  Starting in late winter, we monitor this park, trying to figure out when the best weekend will be to go out to the park.  We
put a lot of plans on hold in order to come here when conditions are best.  I can remember a few years ago when only a few of
us would come out here for this.  In recent years, more cosplayers, photographers, and anime related organizations have come
to join in on the madness.

The cherry blossoms only live for a few weeks.  There have been years when it didn't look so good.  There have been years
where the blossoms were spectacular.  This was one of those years and we were lucky to have two weekends worth of good
shooting conditions.  I was out here for three weekends, but the first one was a bit of a bust since there weren't many blossoms
out that weekend.  
We still made the best of it.  The following two weekends had a few anime conventions holding events here.  
For the first time, actual organizations held events during Sakura Watch.  Anime LA held a picnic on March 20.  Even though
they chose this date back in January, it turned out to be on the best weekend for cherry blossom viewing.  On March 27, Otaku
Rehab held an event here and moved it from a Ventura County location so that we can get one last shot with the cherry

Sakura Watch is always an enjoyable few weekends of fun and photography.  This year proved to be extremely productive with
more cosplayers than ever coming out to the park.  It was an amazing time.  I can't wait for next year.

Nergene Arquelada