Sakura Watch 2012
March 31  Van Nuys, CA
It was another strange year for Sakura Watch.  Last year, the cherry blossoms bloomed very early.  This year, it was a bit more
unpredictable.  Eventually, they came out a lot later than everyone expected.  I was out there for three days this year.  The first
two days were the second weekend in March.  The trees had very few blossoms and the blossoms were mainly on the north side
of the trees.  It looked quite strange.  Eventually, I made another trip on March 31, which was after most people gave up for the
season.  It turned out to be one of the nicer weekends.  Many of the trees were full of blossoms.  There were only a few
cosplayers out there on that day.  I had one scheduled appointment, and these are the results.

With this, I now consider myself semi-retired from cosplay shooting.  It's the next step I wanted to take after semi-retiring from
conventions after Anime Los Angeles.  Any cosplay photo shoots that I do will be by request only.  It's highly unlikely that I will be
going to gatherings like this unless somebody requests a photo shoot.  I no longer have the energy and desire to come out to
events like this unless I know for sure that I will have something to do besides hang out.  I've enjoyed coming out here for the
past five years for Sakura Watch.  I've always tried to support the event by coming early to help set up camp and getting photos
when I could.  It was fun.  I hope to be out here next year, but it really isn't up to me.  I'm okay with that.
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