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Sturtevant Falls
May 2, 2010  Arcadia, CA
On this day, I went with another photographer and a few cosplayers to Sturtevant Falls.  Surprisingly, this beautiful location is
not very far out of the city.  However, it provided its own unique challenges.  It's just a short drive north on a twisting mountain
road north of the world famous Santa Anita racetrack.  Once you've reached the parking lot at the end of the road, it's a
two-mile hike, mostly downhill, into the forest.  It's a very popular hiking trail and very well maintained.  Young children can easily
make the hike to the falls.  You have to cross a small creek a few times by walking on logs and small rocks.  The other
photographer had brought a small tent for the cosplayers to get dressed in.  Making the hike in costume is really not an option.  
I hiked to the falls and back with while carrying about 40 pounds of photography equipment.  I was fairly surprised at how I was
able to cross the creek without too much difficultly.  If you want to do photography here, it helps to have a plan and be
prepared.  We had about 3 hours of shooting time here before we decided to head back.  Carrying all of that camera equipment
back up the mountain was quite and adventure and requires a lot of physical strength.  Be careful here.  If you don't have the
strength to get your gear back up the mountain, don't bring it.  In all it was a fun and unique experience to do some shooting
here.  We're always searching for different locations for cosplay photography.  If anything, we've proven that we'll march two
miles into the forest to use a location.  The hiking trails around Los Angeles provide an infinite amount of opportunities.  I
wonder what other gems are out there.

Nergene Arquelada