Wizard World 2005
March 18-20  Long Beach, CA
Wizard World is a very large travelling comic book convention.  Also represented was anime, video
games, and action films.  The tour made a stop in Long Beach, CA so I decided to attend on the
Saturday of the convention.  From what I've learned about past Wizard World conventions is that it's
not a big cosplay convention, but there were a handful of cosplayers.  However, there was a
cosplay contest sponsored by
Anime Insider magazine that was lightly promoted.  I spent a rather
leisurely day at this convention wandering the dealer's room, playing video games in the very large
console and PC gaming area, and spending time in the anime theater.  I didn't unpack my camera
until shortly before the cosplay contest, so coverage on this event is really small.

It was a different kind of contest than what I was used to.  There were costumes from comic books,
Lord of the Rings, Star Wars--a whole variety of costumes.  In the end, the winner was a
very impressive Valkyrie.